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Time Doesn't Forget ~ Reader Post

Time passes memories remain

Reader Post: I lost my beloved husband, Douglas, to cancer only a year after we got married. This was in 1972. Today I am visiting the community where we had our apartment, Columbia, Maryland. I haven't been here for 28 years. It is rather poignant to be here. Even after all these years, I still miss Doug very much. When you get to the other side, please tell him that I love him, and that I am very grateful that he has provided for me so well for all these years. Blessings to you, and much gratitude. MW

As I read this post from a reader a part of me was grateful after all those years he still held a piece of her heart. While I wish so much for my loved ones to move forward when I am gone, to find happiness, another part of me longs to be remembered.

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