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Welcome To CCI

Caninvestments Canada INC,  is committed to strategic investments & acquisitions across the Nation

How we do it

Our team analyzes current market conditions, works with your team, and collaborates on an outcome which leaves all parties satisfied

Real Estate Acquisition

We currently have an appetite for Residential, and commercial acquisitions in larger metropolitan areas across Canada. 

Business Partnerships

cci will be travelling throughout North America, to meet with management of leading companies, and ask the tough questions in person.  We’ve streamlined 5-6 common shortfalls, and focus specifically on KPI’s that actually make an immediate impact.  We guarantee 60 day turnaround.

Strategic Investments

We have partnered with major financial institutions across Canada, and are prepared to deploy strategic investment where fit.  We want to hear your business plan.

Topic of the Day

CCI Information

About CCI

C aninvestment’s portfolio includes a strategic blend of retail business, real estate, passive income, and capital investment

Do you need CCI?

Choice.  Your business has many avenues, and opportunities to deploy investment.  Reach out for a comprehensive look into our ROI, our holdings, and how our businesses compliment.

Will your business fit?

Increasing wealth doesn’t come by gouging people.  “give first, and receive later”.

Our goal is to build a legacy, increase ROI, & create        sustainable/predictable source of income.   

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