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Welcome To CCI

CCI is driven by industry experts, who lead by example, and are results driven professionals.  Our goal is to build a long lasting culture in your dealership.  We are successful when you no longer need our services

How we do it

CCI will bring the experts to you, and through a variety of documented processes, disciplined training, and ego-less management, we introduce your team to “WHAT’S POSSIBLE”

Free Online Material

We currently offer free online documents, and free video content.  This is an amalgamation of best practices learned across Canada, and the United States.  Our exposure to some of the industries best Leaders, Dealer Principals, and Managers,  has shown us that collaboration, and sharing makes our industry stronger. 

1 on 1 interviews

cci will be travelling throughout North America, to meet with management of leading companies, and ask the tough questions in person.  We’ve streamlined 5-6 common shortfalls, and focus specifically on KPI’s that actually make an immediate impact on your business

Social Media

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to keep up with our publications, discussions, and forums.  We publish articles daily, and monitor social media 24/7 to ensure we share information when it matters most

Topic of the Day

CCI Information

About CCI

CCI Creating culture is about what happens when you’re not looking.  This means everyone working toward the same goal.  Sometimes Managers can manage processes, but struggle                to inspire the collective minds of your team.

Do you need CCI?

Choice.  When your team chooses to become the best, you have sustainability.  When you choose to act now, you’re choosing to succeed later.  Choice is something we all hold near                  and dear. Make your decision, and do it now.

What are the costs?

Increasing wealth doesn’t come by gouging people.  Robert Kiyosaki said to “give first, and receive later”. With this in mind, we offer free material.  We do ask, however, that you give us a like on our social media platforms, and share whatever content you feel is worth sharing.  If you would like to hire one of our professionals, we offer Weekly / Bi-weekly / and Monthly rates.

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